The Holes of Quito

Quito. If you are blind in this city, I think you should wear snowshoes and carry rope.

This is simply a city where you have to watch your step.

It is a beautiful but crumbling city, where you can find slabs of concrete disintegrating to reveal large pits of wires and trash. There is also an incredible amount of construction and rejuvenation constantly going on and everyone is hard at work to make the city more beautiful. But often that means all that stands between you and a twisted ankle is a hastily-constructed plank and a “Peligro” ribbon.

And on top of that, there are also a ton of tree pits, open manholes, access hatches, indentations, sink-holes and other sliding, popping, folding entrances to little pits of doom.

Here is a small sampling of some of the holes and pits we’ve come across in our wanderings.

holes_of_quito_1 holes_of_quito_2 holes_of_quito_3 holes_of_quito_4 holes_of_quito_5 holes_of_quito_6 holes_of_quito_7 holes_of_quito_8 holes_of_quito_9 holes_of_quito_10 holes_of_quito_11 holes_of_quito_12 holes_of_quito_13 holes_of_quito_14

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